About the First Data FD35 Pin Pad

ElitePay Global offers a variety of payment-processing devices to meet the needs of its diverse client base. ElitePay Global provides access to such PIN devices as the FD35, which allows clients to accept a variety of card types securely.

The FD35 PIN Pad device focuses on convenience for the customer and security for the merchant. The device features visual prompts and audio and light cues to lead the customer through the purchase process, as well as an ergonomic key pad for ease of personal identification number (PIN) entry. The PIN pad links with merchant accounts via processor encryption.

The FD35 also offers customer information security as a supporter of chip technology. The credit card industry refers to these cards as EMV, which refers to the arrangement between Europay, MasterCard, and Visa that supports the embedded chip technology. The FD35 allows device users to scan these chips and verify the user’s identity, a required step for all holders of EMV cards. The device also accepts traditional and contactless cards, so that users can provide their customers with more options for payment.