Features of the Ingenico iSC Touch 480

ElitePay Global offers a variety of countertop and mobile payment processing solutions, including the iSC Touch 480 from Ingenico. ElitePay Global offers this model for clients seeking industry-leading technology and options for multiple payment types.

Compliant with all software and hardware security requirements within the payment industry, the Ingenico iSC Touch 480 offers 3.x level Payment Card Industry and PIN Transaction Security (PCI-PTS) certification. The system earns customer trust with an optional PIN shield, which supports feelings of safety in use, and offers point-to-point encryption to protect data further. In addition, the device’s electronic signature function offers biometric measurement functions that support more accurate signature authentication.

Beneficial to the retailer as well, the signature screen supports up to 1 million signatures and features a high-readability, low-reflection display. Both the keypad and the card reader feature extra lighting to help both retailer and customer easily use the device. The card reader itself accepts 500,000 swipes, while the stripe reader includes two magnetic heads to support efficient and effective card reading. After the device reads the card, the data is processed quickly by the system. These features combine with a number of connectivity options, including USB and Bluetooth, to support nearly any sales setting.


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